Animal Care and Management

This T level Animal care and Management page is a dedicated page that will release updates about the course’s contents which will consist of courses on how to care for animals. It will also give you a good insight into what the course has to offer once the details are released.

Course Structure and Placement

The Animal care and Management t level qualification will be a two-year course that is equivalent to 3 A level qualifications. The course will be offered by many colleges from September 2021, which means students will be able to start applying for places on the Animal care and Management t level course in 2021. You will get a lot of experience with animals and how to care for them and manage them. This t level course has a placement in industry that is 315 hours. Animal care and Management firms are currently developing placements and course content alongside the government to come up with relevant and engaging content.

T Level Animal Care and Management Exams

The t level Animal care and Management exam structure hasn’t been defined yet but regardless of a student’s previous qualifications the Animal care and Management t level will include a standard maths and English test that all students must pass to gain their qualification this is the same for every T Level qualification. This will determine part of their overall grade. The t level will be graded as pass, merit or distinction and will be worth 3 A levels. The grades will be split as follows:

• Overall Animal care and Management t level grade.
• A separate grade for the Animal Care and Management specialist.
• Another broken down grade for the core Animal care and Management work studied.
• grades for the t level maths and English test which will be graded A* to E.
• Information about the Animal Care and Management placement and the colleges that will do the course.